Meet Sonny – SunshinePHP

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Right now I’m sitting in the keynote talk on the second day of SunshinePHP, smiling as I look at my new bright yellow elePHPant Sonny and listening to Larrys inspiring talk.

Less than a month ago I never thought that I would sit here, in warm Miami with all these awesome people and then I got contacted by Davey with the news, I was sponsored to go OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I was speechless and still am at the fact that constant contact, engine yard and github stepped up to get me here to man the PHPWomen table – Trying to think of a good way to thank you, all I can do is be the best that I can for this wonderful community. #communityworks

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Sonny, created together with  Zend is a new member of my elephpant family, here you can see him being introduced to Ellie over a drink, and a new buddy he met during the conference, one of a kind orange elephpant. I am crazy about elephpants but Sonny will have a special place in my heart with all the memories that this conference has created, and is creating.

I am and Sonny is looking forward to yet another awesome day, thank you.

More information and a longer post will come.


My hugs to the PHP community

TLDR; You are awesome, thanks and hugs for you all <3

So, yesterday I admittedly got a bit drunk and when I get drunk my mood gets stronger. I got so extremely happy that I hugged everyone I could see, online and offline and I realised what YOU mean to me.

I am relatively new to the “real” PHP community as I went to my first conference in 2011 since this time I have been to many meetups in The Netherlands and I have somehow managed to become a conference addict and been to a fair amount of those too.

Last year twilio sponsored me to go to America and I met awesome people there who I will always hold close to my heart, the experiences that I got there will never disappear and thanks to twilio I am now a better person.

There has been so much drama and complaining about the community, sometimes we forget to think about how strong of a community we really are. How awesome people in it are, and how we care for eachother – Deeply, like a family.

Every month I travel to Amsterdam for AmsterdamPHP; It is admitedly quite a long travel for me but everyone there… Deserve my endless gratitude. It is thanks to AmsterdamPHP and Rafael Dohms that I am now a conference speaker. 


Elizabeth Naramore: You are an angel in disguise, when I grow up I want to be like you. You are one of the most amazing people I ever met and a true community friend – And I mean that with all of my heart.

Igor Wiedler: You have helped me grow as a developer more than you realise, just by being there for me and discussing code with me, helping my code confidence raise and I am now excited about Open Source, a lot thanks to you. You are even if you changed your twitter handle – Awesome, by definition.

Davey Shafik: Your support for me and PHPWomen can not go unnoticed. You have over this year become someone that I can lean on, in wet and dry.

Jenny Wong: You are like a ray of sunshine in my life. You have been there and patient with me when I needed a shoulder and a friend.

Erika Heidi: You are one of my biggest inspirations and a role model by large. The things you do for the community and the passion you show is really rubbing of on me, and I think entire AmsterdamPHP. Thank you for being such an awesome friend, developer and community person.

Lineke Kerckhoffs: Without you I would not be who I am today, you are a true friend and community person and an inspiration to us all.

I realise that this post is getting really long, and cheesy… And that I can not thank everyone in person. Most and almost everyone who I talked to in this community have a special place in my heart, it’s just… Thank you <3

This community is one of the best things that ever happened to me. There’s more love than drama. And I am comfortable here. I am proud to be a woman in a community that supports me like you do and I can warmly recommend and welcome new people with open arms.



How to “/win” in Irssi

I have a confession to make. I am a complete IRC addict, let’s not get into details about that, because then I could write a book. Some people ask me “HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DO IT!?” when they see that I am in way more channels than I dare to admit, sometimes my window count in Irssi has gone way above 100, so, how DO I do it?

Chatting by activity
First of all, I don’t keep track which channels are where, I chat by activity. Which means that I press meta + a, meta + activity with other words, and I come to the most important channel. It always works, it takes things like new private conversations and highlights into account so you always get there first.

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PHPNW13 – Thank you!

As you all know PHPWomen were lucky to have a table at the amazing community conference, PHPNW13!

On the friday night there was a hackathon where delegates and speakers hacked along on different projects, socialised and had a lot of fun. I managed to work on the mobile app and met Luis Ferro, a great developer that helped me out and started contributing to the project. Thanks Luis, I’m looking forward to working more with you! :)

The hackathon was extremely useful because…


PHPMaster: Getting Started with PHPUnit

Most people know that testing your websites is a good idea, but after some time testing can become tedious. What if a lot of this testing process could be automated so you don’t have to go trough every function manually, time after time, to ensure that it still works after updating your code? This is where unit testing comes in, to automate the testing process. Unit testing makes it easier, and above all safer, to modify your code because it catches any irregularities in the behaviour …

PHPMaster: Getting Started with PHPUnit

My first puppet / vagrant experience: Part 1

UPDATE DISCLAIMER: This is an introduction to something I plan to do… One day.

Now, I’ve been installing and programming in projects using puppet/vagrant before, and it’s been so easy to use and install.

I have had on my to do list to make a vagrant/puppet environment for every project that I do, but somehow this doesn’t get done, why? – Way too much of a learning curve, and usually someone knows how to do it and they do it for me – Awesome, right?

Now, you don’t always have those people around you so it’s time to do it yourself… Or so you thought. Instead of going trough the long process I am going to try out a new open source project called puphpet that will do it for me. How will it fair in a wordpress project? I’ll keep you posted! :)

Adding and using the php google client API with composer and symfony2

First add this to your composer.json

"repositories": [
            "type": "package",
            "package": {
                "name": "google/client",
                "version": "0.6.2",
                "dist": {
                    "url": "",
                    "type": "tar"
                "source": {
                    "url": "",
                    "type": "svn",
                    "reference": "tags/0.6.2/"
                "autoload": {
                    "classmap": ["src/"]
        "google/client": "0.6.2"

Then update and install composer like normally and you can use all your classes such as Google_Client like you would expect!

new Google_Client(...);


Accessing your database in a vagrant instance

When I asked this question it seemed like an obvious one “Just connect” but it still left me confused. So, after asking the question on IRC I got a very good answer with options on what you can do:

1. vagrant SSH, then use the db “locally” in the terminal, like you’re used to from the box.

2. Use a GUI with an ssh tunnel setting the tunnel to be localhost:2222 with user vagrant/vagrant.

Follow up question:
Is this always 2222? “No, but it mostly will be unless you are running more than one vagrant instance, recommended is to run vagrant suspend between instances to only have one instance running at a time, use vagrant resume when reinstantiating it.”

3. Add an extra port forward to MySQL.

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America and codeconnexx


Yes, that is how I need to start this blogpost, my experience at codeconnexx and in america has been more than awesome.

My first day in america

This was my first time in america, and when I arrived I almost missed my connecting flight in o’hare, my luggage however, DID miss the flight. I managed to get to the hotel anyway, feeling less than fresh from the chicago “WILL I MAKE IT!?” run and having no change of clothes, not a great start right? :(

When I was done complaining about my lost luggage on irc I asked for a map of downtown and walked out of the hotel. I saw an amazing warmonument in Indianapolis and walked around town for a bit with my jaws open wide and amazed at how tall all the buildings were, and that I actually didn’t feel cramped, the wide streets and tall buildings make a good combination.

Then I met up with some of the people from codeconnexx – A lot of which I met IRL for the first time! This is also when I got buttface. (my first real american beer experience) as buddweiser is piss not beer, it doesn’t count. Knowing buddweiser already I was ready to throw up etc. but this one was better than I had expected! Myth BUSTED. After having stayed up for over 24 hours, I was ready to pass out, but needed my lens liquid as I had no luggage, waerloga – with whom I shared hotel room, took me to a walmart, and was surprised to see that it closes at midnight. I was surprised to see that it was open til midnight. So, we went back to the hotel, at this point I couldn’t care if I’d get all gooey eyes, then the woman at the reception told me that my luggage had arrived. I almost cried of happiness and ended my first day in america with a smile. :)

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